To colleagues

We are opposed to deceiving the lower and concealing the upper.

It's important to maintain an atmosphere of camaraderie among our colleagues,

Oppose internal infighting, report good news to superiors,
Insolence to subordinates, and in the matter of relatives, Saint Ozzie did not shy away from using relatives,

Insist on "turning pro into sage", but Aoqi Saint is resolute

Oppose the use of power to superior relatives and friends!

Remember the "five points"

· In front of interests, relatives give a little;
· In the face of difficulties, relatives come forward a little more;
· Show favoritism to non-relatives in the face of conflict;
· Relatives should keep a low profile in front of colleagues;
· Be strict with your relatives in your daily work.

For work

We oppose inaction and over-ambitious and under-ambitious work.

Only to find a way out of success, not to make excuses for failure! Sage Oche

Against the lazy days and the impetuous and slow-moving ambitions,

There is no free lunch in the world, to know "how much pay how much return", in the work only pragmatic diligence, positive and serious work, in order to do their work.

Be responsible for yourself and your business.

Basic Concept

Business philosophy

To be the pioneer in the industry, to create a hundred years of Aoqi Saint.

Quality policy

Technological pursuit of innovation, management science,

Enterprise style

Unity, enterprising, strict, civilized.

Enterprise spirit

Integrity, practical work.