Welcome leaders at all levels to visit Ochisheng

Recently, leaders at all levels visited Baoding Ochisheng Factory for investigation and investigation, and the general manager of the company accompanied the reception. At the beginning of the Spring Festival, Baoding Aoqi Sheng followed the policy guidance, developed new quality productivity, worked intensively in the field of technological upgrading, and set sail under the care of leaders at all levels!

Apr 17,2024

What is metal products

The metal products industry refers to the industry that uses metal as the main raw material to manufacture various metal products through a series of processing processes and technical means such as processing, forming, and treatment. The metal products industry is an important component of China's manufacturing industry. Metal products are a basic material industry in the construction of the national economy, and their products are industrial consumer goods. They are widely used in various fields of the national economy and national defense and military industry, such as construction, transportation, automobiles, railways, water conservancy, energy, electricity, machinery, furniture, etc.

Nov 16,2023

Aoqisheng New Metal Material Manufacturing Co., Ltd. teaches you how to maintain metal materials

Maintaining the cleanliness of metal materials is crucial. You can use a mild cleaning agent and a soft cloth to wipe the metal surface, avoiding using cleaning agents with abrasive particles to avoid scratching the metal.

Nov 16,2023

What is a New Type of Zinc Bismuth Alloy for Hot Dip Galvanization

Hot dip galvanized new zinc bismuth alloy is a new type of alloy material that is doped with bismuth element into zinc and coated on the surface of other metals or materials using the hot dip galvanizing process. Zinc bismuth alloy has the advantages of hot-dip galvanizing, such as good corrosion resistance and excellent appearance. At the same time, the addition of bismuth element makes the alloy have higher strength and hardness.

Nov 16,2023

Steel tendons and iron bones protected with zinc

Baoding Aoqisheng New Jinli Material Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Reception Dinner

Nov 15,2023

The atmosphere of the aluminum spot market has not changed much

Aluminum: Shanghai spot domestic aluminum is currently reported at 12870-12930 yuan/ton, down 70 yuan/ton, with a discount of 235-175 yuan/ton. The price quoted in Wuxi is 12910 yuan/ton. Due to concerns about the Chinese economy, the base metal market mostly fluctuated and ended lower over the weekend.

Jun 21,2019

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